Domino's Pizza Franchise in Ireland

Domino's Pizza Franchise in Ireland company facts

Domino's Pizza is the world's leading pizza delivery franchise. There are over 665 Domino's Pizza stores in a growing number of towns and cities throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The full approximate cost in Euros for a new store opportunity is €311,813 of which you will need €132,000 of liquid funds (unborrowed money).

Domino's Pizza - world's leading pizza delivery franchise

Domino's Pizza is recognised as the world's leading pizza delivery company. Our expertise and passion for delivering hot and fresh pizzas has earned us numerous awards and the loyalty of millions of pizza lovers around the world.

Over 20,000 team members work in our UK and Irish stores and in a range of support functions ranging from marketing, IT and training to fresh dough production at our three commissaries in Milton Keynes, Penrith and Naas, Ireland. The majority of our stores are owned by franchisees who are responsible for delivering our brand's high standards to customers.

There are over 665 Domino's Pizza stores in a growing number of towns and cities throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Domino's product and service

Domino’s Pizza is a pizza delivery service. We’re not a fast food joint (we deliver good, fresh food fast), we’re not a takeaway (on average, only 25% of our pizzas are collected) and we’re not a restaurant (our stores don’t have eat-in facilities). Domino’s exists to fulfill a basic need for our customers - to provide a high quality, freshly prepared, hot meal delivered on time, every time. Delivering a freshly baked pizza within 30 minutes is a pretty big challenge! And if you consider that each of our pizzas is made to order from fine and fresh ingredients, you can see why they call us “the pizza delivery experts”.

If you find this all a bit daunting, don’t worry. Our world-class training programs, coupled with the consistent food quality that comes courtesy of our award-winning foodservice team, means that franchisees are equipped with the skills and ingredients that they need to become pizza delivery experts in their own right.

Domino’s is also quick to innovate when it comes to making our customers’ experience more convenient and enjoyable. We were the first pizza delivery company to offer nationwide online and interactive TV ordering and the first to use HeatWave™ heated delivery bags. We continue to introduce new and exciting technology designed with both customers and profits in mind.

The Domino's Pizza brand

To protect the investment of Domino's franchisees and shareholders, and the jobs of our team members, Domino’s invests a lot of time and money in upholding the positive reputation of our brand. Our brand marketing activity is financed through a National Advertising Fund (NAF) which is made up of franchisee contributions. We carefully select targeted marketing campaigns that talk to our core audience of 18-35 year olds in order to secure the best possible return on our franchisees’ money. We have a lot of fun with our brand marketing.Whether it’s sponsorship of top national TV shows, an innovative new product launch, new online and digital marketing initiatives or a hot news story, we find ways to set Domino’s Pizza apart from the competition and strengthen our position as the pizza delivery experts.

Supporting franchisees

Domino's franchise owners are both Domino’s customers and business partners. It is Domino’s job to support franchisees and in-store teams in their efforts to run profitable Domino’s Pizza businesses and to ensure that high brand standards are achieved at all stores. To do this, Domino’s employs a team of over 250 people who work in a range of store support functions at locations in the UK (Milton Keynes and Penrith) and Ireland (Naas).

We want our franchisees to achieve customer satisfaction through operational excellence, strong sales and great profits. Each member of the Domino’s support team has this goal in mind and it guides their decision-making every day. Domino’s operates service level agreements which clearly set out the high standards of service and support that we promise to deliver to every franchisee who chooses to invest in setting up their own Irish Domino’s Pizza business.

The Domino’s functions that provide the majority of regular and visible support to franchisees - information systems, foodservice, flawless execution (training and operations) and marketing - are accountable, transparent and managed by skilled and experienced people who are motivated to make our franchisees successful.

When you sign up to franchise with Domino’s Pizza, you’ll take part in a three week intensive Franchise Development Programme. This training course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills that you need to run a successful Domino’s Pizza delivery business in Ireland. Covering everything from pizza-making and people management to customer service and computer systems, we’ll make sure that you’re ready to open your first store.

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