Security with Computer Troubleshooters franchise


I started up the Computer Troubleshooters Louth office back in November 2005. The area I cover is mainly Dundalk and the surrounding towns in north Co. Louth.

The reasons I decided to start up a franchise were that I was concerned about how secure my job was in the manufacturing company I worked for and it also wasn't in the career area which I wanted to be in. I had studied electronics for three years and I really wanted to get back to technology in my working life. Fixing computer problems is something I had been doing for friends and family for years as a hobby and always wondered if I could ever make a living out of it in the real world. Purely by chance, I happened to see what Computer Troubleshooters offered and realised that it was exactly the opportunity I was looking for. When it came to the time of asking for a loan from the bank they were very positive as I had a business model to show them that was proven to work all over the world.

Prior to joining the group I knew very little about running a business, I picked up bits and pieces from my last job but not an overall picture. The start up training and ongoing support I receive has helped me greatly in this area and points me in the right direction. The marketing methods I was provided with during training are the essential part of the business. The first 5 months have been great and the work itself is very rewarding and enjoyable. Just recently I purchased a van for the company. It's good to meet different customers and people during the week as I go about doing jobs.

The help the group offers, through the forums we communicate on the internet, has been invaluable. When I am unsure of something relating to the business or the technical side of things, I can give a call to the regional head office in Galway, or to one of the other Troubleshooters around the country. The franchise has met my expectations… the large number of ideas and tips that you can avail of and apply to your own business is really helpful.

My advice to people thinking of joining the group is to make sure you can get broadband access in your area before you start. I can't imagine operating the business without it. Don't rely too much on large newspaper ads to bring in calls, they are costly and don't bring the return you would expect, small ads are enough. I was too late in the year for getting a yellow pages advert, I would definitely try to get one from the start if I was doing it a second time. Above all, follow the guidelines that the franchise provides you with, as they are tried and tested and do work.

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