Snack-in-the-Box franchise success in Dublin


Two of Snack-in-the-Box Dublin franchisees talk about their experiences and why Snack-in-the-Box was the right franchise choice for them.
Paul Dwyer, Dublin
One of the biggest benefits for me owning a Snack-in-the-Box franchise in Ireland is that it not only provides me with a very good standard of living, but it allows me to spend a lot more time with my family, much more than I ever did in my last job.
I previously worked in the financial side of the horse racing industry, and though I enjoyed it, I knew I didn’t want to be a working for someone else until I was 65. Since I was 18 I had wanted my own business, so when the chance to take a lump sum and strike out on my own came along, I jumped at the opportunity.
As I had a wife and four children to support, I needed a franchise that would provide me with an immediate income; SITB appealed as a simple idea that is a cash business.
With the assistance of the SITB canvassing team, I had 50 machines sited and earning me money in my first two weeks. After six weeks I had an additional 25 in place averaging 40 Euros per week. This has produced an annual turnover in the area of 150,000 Euros which I wouldn’t be achieving without the support of a dedicated franchisor. In fact if I hadn’t taken on a franchise the chances are I’d be back in a job now instead of being in a business that allows me to work my own hours, permits me to take a day off if I wish and the harder I work the more money I earn.
I’ve just signed up to a new five year term with the SITB franchise and I’m looking forward to maintaining and growing my franchise business.
Joe Holmes, Dublin
Snack-in-the-Box’s association with Cadbury was an important factor in my decision to invest in the franchise business. With such a strong brand name behind me it has helped me to establish and grow my business. It’s the best marketing tool that a franchise could want!
Before joining the Snack-in-the-Box franchise I met with several franchisees. I got a great response from them and some very positive feedback. It was also a good-sized territory and as a business model it helped me to receive an income from the very first week. This made my mind up to become a Snack-in-the-Box franchise owner.
I started my training in spring of 2006. I spent a week in head office for my initial training, which covered everything I needed to know, as well as a period of working in the field with a franchisee. This really lets you get to grips with the business so you know exactly what to expect when you start up yourself.
As I had invested in an existing franchise in West Dublin, I inherited a number of customers from the start.  SITB however still helped site and install the rest of my initial machines to get me going. Since then the support has been consistent and to a high level.  To make sure I’m making the most of the businesses potential, I receive regular appraisals from SITB.
My franchise is on target, and with the increase in turnover I will invest in some more machines and start to think about taking on an employee. You’ve got to have the determination to build a successful franchise business but SITB gives you the opportunity.