Applying for a franchise

You need to firstly determine which Irish franchise opportunities might suit you before contacting the franchisors for further information. Narrow down your list of possibilities to two or three companies, using an initial evaluation of the franchisors, their products and services, and their franchise opportunities.

In order to conduct a meaningful investigation of your choices as a potential franchisee, you should explore more than one company in great detail. You may have sent an initial request for information to 10 or 15 companies, but you can't do an in-depth evaluation of all of them - and you won't need to. In most cases, you can tell right away whether or not you are really interested in knowing more about a given Irish franchise business. By answering the following basic questions about each franchise opportunity that has immediate appeal for you, you will be able to pinpoint two or three real possibilities from among those that you initially thought might interest you.

  • Would you enjoy making a career out of running this franchise in Ireland?
  • Do you have the skills - or could you learn them - to operate this franchise business?
  • Do you have the resources to invest in and operate this franchise?
  • Does it seem as if the returns of your investment in this franchise business might be in line with your financial needs and objectives?
  • Does the franchisor appear reputable, forthcoming, and the type of company with which you would enjoy a partnership?

Checking off the above points will help you decide which franchisors you would like to know more about. As you continue your investigation, don't rely solely on the information companies send to you.