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whichfranchise.ie is owned by the whichfranchise group. Our other websites are whichfranchise UK, www.whichfranchise Florida and whichfranchise South Africa and whichfranchise Australia.

Our UK website, whichfranchise.com, is the UK’s number one website for free franchise information, advice and franchise opportunities, and the official online partner of the  British Franchise Association (bfa).

whichfranchise.com is known in the UK business start-up market and throughout the franchise industry as the best in helping prospective franchisees find information they need to make better informed franchise decisions.

As in the UK we aim to make whichfranchise.ie the number one site in Ireland for franchise information and advice, and Irish franchise opportunities.
How whichfranchise came about…
whichfranchise.com is the brainchild of Johnny Sellyn who has been actively involved in promoting franchising in the UK for over twelve years. He is recognised as one of the leading experts in franchising throughout the UK, focusing on the needs of prospective franchisees. Johnny speaks regularly at franchise seminars and events.
Interactive Franchise Marketing Limited (IFML) was set up in 1997. The creation of IFML was, in essence, the purchase of part of the franchise consultancy division of Pannell Kerr Foster (PKF), one of the largest Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors in the world, of which Johnny was a founding Director.
Having identified the need for further, easier accessible franchise information, Johnny and his team developed “Cdfex” the world's first Interactive franchise exhibition and directory, and also “The Franchise Advisor”, a Franchise Educational CD-ROM. Both products were endorsed by the British Franchise Association.
Though the Cd-roms proved a success, a more effective and efficient way of delivering this information to a mass audience was needed. The answer was to provide the information on-line, which led to the development of whichfranchise.com.
The recognition and popularity of whichfranchise.com within the UK franchise industry, led IFML to trade under the whichfranchise.com banner.
About whichfranchise.ie
whichfranchise.ie is the ideal place for anyone thinking about starting out on their own in business in Ireland and who wish to add franchising in Ireland to their options.
Our extensive experience and know-how of franchising, which is reflected in our site content, equips potential franchisees in Ireland with a comprehensive understanding of franchising. This not only helps them to make better informed franchise decisions but it allows them to identify at an early stage if franchising is the right route into business start-up for them.
Our team is constantly searching for the best and most up-to-date Irish franchise information and services available to incorporate on to our continually evolving website.
How whichfranchise.ie Helps Potential Franchisees in Ireland
Whether you are looking for franchise opportunities in Antrim, Armagh, Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Cork, Derry (Londonderry), Donegal, Down, Dublin, Fermanagh, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois (Queens), Leitrim, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly (Kings), Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Tyrone, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford or Wicklow - whichfranchise.ie can help you.
whichfranchise.ie will help you to understand all the ins and outs of franchising in Ireland. By using our franchise self-test you will be able to idenitfy if Irish franchising is right for you, and if so, which franchise type best suits you. From there you can go on to identify the franchise opportunities in Ireland that fall under this type and by providing you with the relevant franchise information and advice to assist with your research, you will be able to narrow down your list of franchise opportunities to a few of interest. whichfranchise also provides you with the guidance in approaching franchisors with confidence.
whichfranchise.ie allows you to find out about raising finance for a franchise in Ireland, including helping you to understand the franchise fees and costs involved. Understanding the legal issues, inlcuding the ins and outs of the franchise agreement, is also covered in great detail, as well as providing you with a list of franchise lawyers/solicitors in Ireland.
All this makes whichfranchise.ie the number one port of call for anyone considering buying a franchise in Ireland (or selling a franchise in Ireland) and looking for free and impartial franchise information and advice, as well as a comprehensive directory of Irish franchise opportuinities.