Past franchise Q&As - Ireland franchise advice

Qu: I’m interested in starting my own business in Ireland but i am aware of the risks involved. I’ve read that franchising is a safer way of starting your own business and so I am keep to go down this route. I’m therefore looking to know what the best franchise in Ireland is.
A: If we could tell you that then we would all be rich! There is no such thing as the “best franchise”. There are lots of good franchises but what is a good franchise to one person may not necessary suit another person. Read more on finding the best franchise
Qu: I’m doing a project for university on the methods of expanding a business, which includes franchising. Though I have a good grasp of the concept of franchising, i’m struggling to put down in words the definition of the term “franchise”. Are you able to give me the definition of “franchise”?
A: A franchise is an agreement or license between two parties which gives one party, a person or group of people know as the franchisee, the rights to market a product or service using the trademark of the second party, the franchisor. Read more on what is a franchise
Qu: I’ve got an idea for a web-based business that I think would make a really good franchise, how do I go about setting this up? Should I start it as a franchise or just as a business initially?
A: First of all, it is important that you understand that the business need to be up and running successfully before they can look at franchising.  The franchise never comes before the business!  Read more about how to franchise a business
Qu.  I'm looking at an opportunity that i thought was a franchise, but they owners are calling it a licence.  It sounds similar so i'm not quite sure what the difference is, if any.  Is there anything I need to look out for? 
A.  We get asked this question a lot. A franchise exists between the owner of an identifying trademark and the operator of a business using the trademark when tThe Franchisee engages in offering, selling or distributing goods or services under a marketing plan or system, prescribed in substantial part by the Franchisor Read more on What is a franchise? and What is a licence.
Qu: Does Starbucks franchise in Ireland? I’ve got a location in Dublin that i think would be ideal for a Starbucks franchise, but i wasn’t sure if they actually franchised in Ireland. Alternatively, what other coffee franchises are available.
A: Starbucks is not a franchise, all Starbuck stores in Ireland are company owned. Read more on Starbucks franchise Ireland
Qu: I’m interested in a McDonald’s franchise but I’ve been told that if i want to buy one i need to work in a shop unpaid for 12 months, is this correct? Also, what is the cost of buying a McDonald’s franchise in Ireland?
A: It is not a matter of “i want to buy” or having the money to buy a McDonald’s franchise, you need to be right for McDonald’s before they can accept you. And yes, you are required to work in the business unpaid for 9- 12 months. Read more on McDonalds franchise Ireland
Qu: Is buying a cafe franchise a good investment in this climate or should I go for a mobile franchise such as Cafe2u?
Answer:  Cafe franchises, like any franchises that require premises in a popular location, will ask for a higher franchise investment.  Read more on buying a cafe franchise
Qu:  I’ve recently been made redundant and so having to reconsider my career options. I’ve started to research franchising and so trying to get my head around the information. One area I need clarification on is the franchise fees. In general, what franchise fees should I expect to be paying when buying a franchise? Does every franchise require me to pay the same fees
A:   Once you are granted a franchise, you will be required you to pay franchise fees to the franchisor.  The two types of franchise fees are initial fees and ongoing fees. Read more about Franchise Fees
Qu. "I've been considering buying a franchise in Ireland for some time now, but like any new business venture i recognise that risk is still involved.  Before proceeding further with my research I was wondering how i go about making sure that franchising is for me?"
A.  Ask a lot of questions—of yourself, and of the franchisor.  Franchising allows you to trade under the Franchisor’s name, trademark and system without you going to the expense of creating such a business from scratch. He’s spent the money, made the mistakes, and now he’s got the bugs out of the system. If it works for other franchisees in the network, it should work for you.  But don't just take my word for it!  Have you ever run your own business before? Are you a good manager, well organised and able to multi-task? Are you a leader with strong team-building skills? Are you a good communicator? Can you sell? (Because every franchise involves sales and marketing.)  Read more on is franchising for me?
Qu. “I’ve been running a successful business now for several years and I’m now looking at how I can take it to the next level. How do I know if my business can be franchised? What do I need to do?”
A.  Franchising your business is like setting up a new business. You'll need a proper plan, proper management, and proper funding. There are a number of questions you can ask yourself to get an idea if your business is likely to be suitable to franchising e.g. Have you run a successful business for at least one year? Have you proven your concept? Will it survive in the long term? Is it profitable? Can you produce audited accounts? Do you operate in a niche market or offer something different in an established field? Can your business be replicated and easily taught? Can you offer leadership, strong management, motivation and support?  Read more on how to franchise a business
Qu: I’m interested in buying a sandwich shop and have been looking at the Subway model. I know it is a massive brand worldwide and so cautious that it may be too big a step for me. What skills do I need to run a Subway franchise in Ireland?
A:   Subway franchise owners come from all walks of life. As like the majority of franchises, you are trained in all aspects of running the business so that you are able to run it successfully. Read more about Subway franchise Ireland
Qu.  "I've just started to develop my business into a franchise and im finding it difficult to set the initial fees and royalities.  How do i go about doing this?  I don't want to be too high or too low!
A.  Setting initial fees and royalties is a very important aspect of franchising your business. Set them too high and you’ll frighten prospects away. Too low and you won’t make any money.  Fees and royalties should not only reflect the market value of your brand but also adequately support the cost of training, financing and ongoing marketing you will need to provide.  Read more on setting the cost of a franchise