Women and franchisng

More women than ever before in Ireland are entering the world of franchising. These successful women are not just working in the traditional “female” sectors, such as children, beauty, pets, fashion, recruitment, cleaning etc but also in the “non-traditional female” industries such as automotive, delivery, home improvement, printing, food and coffee to name just a few.  
We have outined below just some of the reason why women are buying franchises and becoming successful franchisees.
So why are more women turning to franchising?
Flexible working arrangements
There are many reasons why franchising is ideal for women but the most important one is that franchising offers women with families the flexibility to manage both a career and family. 
Surprisingly a lot of non-franchise companies still do not cater for those women looking to juggle a career and family life. It is difficult for many women who leave employment to have children to get back into work, and into a position of similar responsibility of which they had before they had children. Instead they are pushed towards part-time and temporary work, usually involving a lower skilled job than they previously had.
The opportunity to have and run your own franchise business offers greater job enrichment to those women looking for more experienced and skilled work at a higher level, whilst at the same time allowing them the flexibility required to juggle home life with work. You are your own boss so you get to determine what hours you do!
"Women often start their own business to facilitate a flexible lifestyle. Endeavouring to juggle family commitments and work life can be easier by ‘working for yourself but not by yourself ‘– a motto often referred to Franchising. This flexibility appeals greatly to women and thus franchising is often the chosen business model."

Ongoing support provides confidence
It is no longer a “man’s world” when it comes to business start-up, more women are becoming sole or joint business owners with their partners. The reason behind this is that franchising offers continuous support and training, giving women the confidence to start their own business. 
As the saying goes…“get into franchising for yourself but not by yourself”.  Though you are your own boss, you are part of a larger organisation with a dedicated support team at your disposal to offer you support and guidance whenever you need it. Franchisors invest a lot in their support and training packages as they know that the success of their network is dependant on their franchisees. The more successful the franchisees are, the more successful the network as a whole is.
This comprehensive support is particularly imperative for women as it not only gives comfort and reassurance, but it also provides them with the motivation and enthusiasm to achieve goals in their own business.  In franchising the “glass ceiling” doesn’t exist; women can be as successful as they want. 
The ongoing support offered in a franchise can also be essential for those women re-entering the workforce after a lengthy period of absence e.g. after having children. Many can feel “out of touch” with today’s working environment, in particular with developments in technology, as they feel they no longer have the required skills, experience and knowledge to successfully start and run their own business. 
Franchising helps to overcome this. When you purchase a franchise opportunity, you are buying into the training, support and experience of the franchisor. You will be retrained in all the skills required to run the business successfully. The comprehensive training and support offered through franchising means that you are also able to buy a franchise in an industry where you have little or no experience.

Franchising matches a woman’s skill set
"Franchising can also offer support, training, encouragement, recognition, instill confidence, together with building relationships with customers and staff. Women are particularly good at building relationships, having a tendency towards the softer skills such as communication, empathy, which can have a huge impact on motivation and in turn – ‘the bottom line’."
Women also enjoy teamwork, collaboration, appreciate diversity and can be very adept at following a specific business model while developing renewed confidence. Following a particular business model is not necessarily a trait appreciated by men. Training is another feature appreciated by women particularly if they have been absent from the ‘workplace’ for some time due to family commitments.
Franchising can allow women to fulfill their intellectual, creative, social & political potential while using their decision making, energy and organization skills, giving them overall   flexibility to have a work/life balance. It can also provide the support and training required and a network of people.
Read about successful female franchisees in Ireland

Name: Treasa Guerin
Location: Co. Kerry
Franchise: The Kids Party Club
“I had never really thought about starting my own business until I came across a Kids Party Club article in the paper. The piece was about a lady who was in a simular situation to me in that her kids were now going to school and she was looking for something that would give her a better home/work life.” Read more…

Name: Elma Kyle
Location:   Omagh, Cookstown & Enniskillen
Franchise: SUBWAY
“I was initially attracted to the SUBWAY® chain due to their fantastic brand image – I loved it so much that decided to focus on this franchise opportunity above all others. For me the key benefits of franchising were getting access to a wealth of operational knowledge, as well as being able to contribute to a marketing scheme that is able to assist with marketing and advertising your products in places that may not be achievable for a single unit owner.” Read more…

Name: Catherine
Location:   Skerries
Franchise: Figure 8
“‘I have always wanted to own my own gym, and I could see no reason why I could not run my own business as well if not better’ and she added, ‘we looked at the others in the market, and with their class-leading exercise system, advanced weight loss program, and the track record of profitability figure8 was the one for us. The support seemed to be there and that had not been my experience with others in the past’ Read more… 

Name: Niamh O’Connor
Location: Dublin
Franchise: Little Kickers
“I worked for many years in Human Resources and was eventually made redundant in 2003. This allowed me to take time off to spend with my with my gorgeous baby boy and also enabled us to move to Australia for a year with my husband’s career. When we returned, my son attended Little Kickers classes in London during 2005. We had a little girl in 2005 and I remained a full time Mum until I purchased my franchise in 2007.” Read more