Starbucks franchise Ireland - does Starbucks franchise?

Due to the fact there our thousands of Starbuck coffee shops worldwide, we regularly get asked if Starbucks is a franchise.   And whether it is from prospective franchisees in Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia or US, the answer is always the same, no.  Starbucks is not a franchise, all Starbuck coffee shops are company owned.
Starbucks does run a Business Alliance Programme which targets those areas which are not attainable to Starbucks themselves. This includes food service providers, hotels, restaurants, colleges & universities, corporate cafeterias and other businesses to serve the world’s premier brand of coffee to their customer. You will find information about this programme on Starbucks own website. 
There are other coffee franchises in Ireland such as the streat, Esquires, Nosh + Coffee, Gloria Jeans, Cafe2u, to name a few. If you wish to know more about these please contact us.