I wanted an organisation that knew exactly where it was going


Declan Quinn, former Head of Food Services for Kraft in Ireland, joined the Auditel Cost Management Franchise for a number of reasons. When he was investigating franchise opportunities, Declan said: “I wanted an organisation that knew exactly where it was going and knew how to get there. It was clear that Auditel were showing innovation in the marketplace and more importantly, it offered something that was unique. The whole network of support and the Affiliates that fed into their set-up was absolutely bang on and professional. That for me was something which resonated.”

Asked about the training, Declan says: “Excellent, much broader than I expected. It was detailed and full of great examples. It has built my confidence - A Big Thank You to all my tutors and Auditel!”

Edward Brewer, Auditel’s Franchise Development Director, also reveals an opportunity at Auditel for family relations. “From time to time, we have requests for a relation to join a franchisee who is already in the business. Leigh Frances started his consultancy in Llanelli in January this year and has already invited his nephew, Aled Wiltshire, to become part of his team. Leigh explained that he sees a wonderful opportunity for him at Auditel to help him drive the business forward and provide it with more longevity. We find this kind of event to be very enriching. It acknowledges the regard that our franchisees have for their Auditel business.”

About Auditel
Established in 1994, Auditel is the UK and Ireland’s largest and fastest growing cost, purchase and supplier management franchise opportunity, with a network of over two hundred highly-skilled specialists. Since 2005, the number of franchisees has grown by 175%. Auditel Affiliates renew their franchises after 5, 10 and now 15 years due to consistently achieving their financial goals. Their higher earners enjoy an income of over £200k.

Photo: Declan Quinn

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