Mobile franchises

  • husseireland2.jpg Husse

    Global leader in pet food home delivery

  • mertorod_logo.jpg Metro Rod

    Metro Rod specializes in drain cleaning and maintenance

  • Champs_Academy_Logo_Ireland.png CHAMPS Academy

    CHAMPS Academy unique franchise offering provides confidence and life-skills coaching for kids and teens, allowing them to become more confident, stronger and happier.

  • ChipsAway.gif ChipsAway

    ChipsAway franchisees offer top-quality bodywork repair services for automotive scratches, minor dents and scuffs. 

  • autoValetDirect.gif Autovaletdirect

    Autovaletdirect is a mobile car valeting franchise with over 30 years experience.

  • OvenWizards_ireland.jpg Oven Wizards

    Oven Wizard is the UK's fastest growing oven cleaning franchise. This is a home-based opportunity with opportunities for both single and multi-van operators.

  • MacTools_Logo2015.jpeg Mac Tools

    Mac Tools franchisees are distributors of professional tools to automotive outlets such as car dealerships, automotive repair shops, manufacturing units and engineering companies.

  • BricksForKids_Franchise_Logo.jpg Bricks 4 Kidz

    Bricks 4 Kidz is an internationally renowned educational play franchise through LEGO®.

  • Oscar.gif Oscar Pet Foods

    Oscars is a pet food home delivery franchise

About Mobile franchises

With a lifestyle becoming busier and busier and the possibility to buy things without having to physically go to shops, people are expecting more services to be brought to them by businesses. This means that mobile franchise opportunities are on the rise and in many sectors. It is not just food or goods delivery that are becoming mobile, but many services such as automotive repairs, car valeting, computer services, educational services, pet care… and the traditional cleaning, plumbing, delivery and various maintenance franchises, the mobile industry is limitless.

If you like the idea of working away from an office and meeting different people every day, then a mobile franchise is definitely for you. Your vehicle, whether it is a car or a van, becomes your office, reducing your overheads cost, as well as a mean of advertising that goes wherever you go. You can also organise your time with more flexibility than working in an office.